Product video: We’ve done a lot of these. Mostly shot on location since our customers produce in workshops or laboratories that are not easily transferred to a studio situation.

Edutainment: Education light?! Not at all. Rather the micro-invasive way of transporting as much information as possible without the recipient even noticing. Quite cool for the museum+school class-clash.

Corporate video (“Image”): This is still important. And videos have become shorter and shorter, thank goodness. Never try to explain your full product range with a video that is supposed to “open the door”, “start a presentation” or “break the ice”…


Simulated shaft descent: 3-HD plus 8-channel audio, synchronized to an elevator cabin hydraulically simulating a one-kilometer-descent…

We love to bust conventional screens. 4:3, 16:9, 2,66:1… these are just conventions, but not the platform your vision deserves. That might be a screen 9:1 or many screens of different sizes… or no screen at all… a multimedia-show including lights, FX and live performance… you never know, until we define your target audience, the environment of perception, the desired immediate effect and the lasting effects that implement your message with those who have seen and listened.